Simple Docks

Simple Docks is an implementation of Uberfire Docks support.


In order to create a dock using Uberfire Extensions Simple Dock, you should add the dependency to your pom.xml and gwt.xml.




  <inherits name="org.uberfire.UberfireDocksClient"/>

The Uberfire Docks is a CDI bean. So you should inject it in your web app:

 UberfireDocks docks;

Creating docks

A UberfireDock has two parameters: a Position (SOUTH, WEST, EAST) and a Place Request associated with the dock (usually a Uberfire Screen). The third optional constructor parameter is the perspective associated with the dock.

UberfireDock dock = new UberfireDock(UberfireDockPosition.EAST,
    new DefaultPlaceRequest("bla2"), "WiresScratchPadPerspective");

All the available docks are displayed in the available docks button (left side of south dock).

You also can set a different size of the dock open. You can define the size of a dock:


Registering docks

In order to register a dock, call register method:


There is also a way to temporarily disable/enable a dock inside a perspective:


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